About Joice

Hi, my name is Joice Joker.


My highest values are freedom to be an individual, reckless abandon and breathtaking ecstasy.
And that’s what I want to bring to you. The ultimate life force itself.

Care for a translation?






Actually… THIS page is NOT about you.
No, no, no. *waves with index finger*

*whispers into your ear*:
It is all about ME!

But…first things first:

To start of with, this short bio is not for the faint of hearts. Contradictions, taboos, pleasure practices, ways to personal freedom and other oddities are to be found here. It is my history, my path, who I am and what I stand for.

If you are easily insulted or under the age of 16, I ask you politely (for the both of us to stay out of trouble) to leave this page.

To everyone else who is brave enough to look a female psyche in the eye, have fun,
observe and feel what happens inside of you while reading my story, you brave one!


Born in Aachen, Germany, growing up with a hot tempered Hungarian mother and grandmother, an accurate, but passionately lost-in-love German father, I had no other choice but to follow what’s important to me. When I was young, my family moved a lot. So much that I can hardly remember any of the schools nor the people I was in contact with. I lived very isolated. Friendships came and went and it appeared to have never meant too much to stay. Leaving became an inevitable fact of life.

When I was a child I behaved like a boy in order to be liked. By my parents. Tough and decisive behavior was respected. Tears and insecurities were met with distant confusion and even fear or overwhelm. I learned to take care of myself emotionally. The only ones ever close to me where males. There was no connection towards girls or teenagers. Too pink. Too sensitive. Too weak.

When I started to get interested in boys, suddenly everything I thought I knew about them wasn’t true anymore. They didn’t want just my friendship any longer. Since I never learned to communicate with boys on a vulnerable, a femalish level, all of my attempts to conquer were in vain. Except……except with those guys who were so full of insecurities about themselves that they were looking for a strong female to lead the way. Or I would get the real strong characters, who I felt were ego driven jerks. It was devastating.  And while the carnal desires steadily grew, I figured, I’ll take care of it myself. Men, I felt, just weren’t up to the task.



Yes, I did it. I was fourteen and he was only a little older. He was even the first one I slept with. Whenever I went to visit we ended up on the couch, fucking each others brain out. For a very long time I shut out this memory as something unacceptable about myself. Social expectations weighed heavily upon my shoulders. And truth be told, it was not after my education as a coach that I could open that dreadful image and come to peace with it. To actually acknowledge it, embrace it and look at it as a part of my past, my desires. It just so happened that he stroke me the right way. And then….why not?

After an ugly fight with my all controlling grandmother at an age of fourteen years young, believing that . And four years in a home ran by the catholic church. HA! Awesome place. But! I felt abandoned. After shunning my mother for sending me away and me feeling that the only solution to stop this raving lunatic by giving into

Surprisingly, after I have given up on men and had a few encounters with girls and girl love, those nerdy, introverted and very interesting young men began to show up. How weird!

The relationships with those men were incredible. They were intelligent, highly connecting, sometimes a little overly sensitive. But I started to like that. Like it a lot.

There were always fantasies around women. During puberty my best friend and I became very close, kissing, touching, making out. It felt so tender. The dynamics were utterly different from being with a man. Although I always wanted to be conquered, even by women. Several relationships were based on making out. One of my later encounters was with a woman who wanted more than a distant relationship; she wanted me to move in with her, kids and kitchen-sink, too. I declined. At that point in time I didn’t want to commit to her.

Well…..that was a surprise! Even to me. It all started with me giving in to a young, stunningly attractive young man. The weird thing was, I thought he was older than I was, according to his profile picture on facebook. So much for believing everything I see…
It was a heart stopping, sexually charged online thingy, until he requested more. He invited me to stay with him for a while. It was an amazing time. The ocean, mild winter weather, lots of things to do and see. I loved every bit of it. When our daily lives caught up with us we split. It was uncontinuable. But this one relationship shifted my focus on how I perceived men younger than me. Positively. I very much enjoy the new age mix of seducers out there: Poets, philosophers, authors, entrepreneurs, sexually developed beings, who know how to ring my bell. They seem to ‘dig’ me.

I never knew why it felt so trodden down after a while of being with someone. Sure, we could always find new ways to explore each other, but it appears that only through a good mix of one man and a few women, this sexual tension could be upheld. It feels a little awkward going against all conformity, against social expectations and my own insecurities. But hey, I’m going to hell, regardless…



As a young teenager I began to experiment with sex. Long before I matched up with a partner, I took my own virginity. It was fun. Pain. But sooooo much fun. And taboo, of course. Even in the world of teenage obscurities, that was one thing a young woman just wouldn’t do. Well….

Very soon my urge to satisfy myself could no longer be held in physical boundaries. Self pleasuring by touching myself soon became only ‘one’ way to satisfy my appetite. It felt restricting. Now what if I could do it with my mind? To have an orgasm with the faintest of thoughts. Without touch. Everywhere and anywhere. On command. My command. My will. How violently or softly I wanted it…
Oh boy, here I went, practicing to control the emotions of arousal, a turn on so strong that my mind would accelerate it so that my body had no choice but to respond. Energetically. Ecstatic. Orgasmic.

What is now described as an energy orgasm, or a mindgasm, I was ignorant of it’s existence. Never before had I heard that anyone could just think themselves off, nor did I know that this was another form of orgasm to experience. Or rather, that all kinds of orgasms could be summoned through the mind alone.

Over time I learned to merge the mind stimuli with the physical, spiritual.
And WHOA! 
In an intensity that shook me completely. 

For hours on end.
Deliciously exhausting. 
Surprisingly healing.

This form of ecstasy beyond bliss gave me a tool to feel orgasmic whenever I wanted.


MY TRAINING: *smirks devilish*
Years later, after a long term marriage, four children and the realization that I didn’t even know my ex-husband, I took on several trainings.  I became a female pick up artist, another skill I added was NLP, Jungian Analasys, EFT, therapy, psychology, a certificate as a Strategic Interventionist (it’s a form of a deep diving coach), hypnosis, I picked up sexual education, learned that I am still pansexual, and decided to direct all of this knowledge towards one big fat goal: FREEDOM.
But how to get there the best and most pleasurable and growth provoking way?


I was now in a state of surrender. A state I so long sought after. To be able to invite someone in and to submit to their wit, their guile and cunning. I wanted to be overthrown. Tired of being in control in every aspect of my life, I decided that my relationships would look different now. I would open up to my partners emotionally. A little at a time. And with each of them, the level of power over my state of ecstasy grew. I was in heaven. I began to experiment with giving another person permission to control my orgasm. Like a remote control buzzer. Some would use my fingertips as a trigger. Another a word. And another would have me orgasm wildly at the snap of his fingers. Whatever he found suitable that’s what I went with, finding more and more pathways to the ecstasy I sought after.

Through my training with market leading coaches and change workers, I recognized the potential of combining therapy, coaching, NLP, hypnosis and my own experiments with orgasm upon completion of my training, when healing forces where summoned during sexual intercourse. It was already easy to dive into multi- faceted,  multi-extreme, multi-experiencial states of ecstasy. But there was something else that went much deeper that I never acknowledged before. That orgasms, no matter which kind, but tremendously strong, held the potential for a deep a thorough healing. There!

Knowing that I can orgasm whenever and in which intensity it was wanted, now I could also feel whole and loved and beautiful and sensual. It was new in context of crucial decision making, of acknowledging negative emotions, expressing them and releasing even those emotions through orgasm…. My….

But it keeps getting better and better. My mind finds all sorts of things to get a high on. I seek to be influenced and to influence in a steadily growing way that allows me and my clients to create a life and relationships filled with exactly that – juicy deliberateness for internal pleasure and external results.


MY PHILOSOPHY: “Women are in need of catharsis, wisdom, freedom through the wounds they carry within. Orgasm provides this healing on a deep, deep level. That’s why every woman needs to be orgasmic.”

“Men, however, need that clarity and bone deep gut feeling that they just know who they are and what they do is the right thing to do. It goes along with a solid plan on how to achieve maximum freedom to step into action.”


Diana M. Joice aka Joice Joker


MY WORK: “Women have to be picked up where they are. If shields are preventing a woman from feeling alive (whatever that might mean to her) than this is what will be worked on. Opening up to reckless abandon takes a sufficient amount of self-respect, love, acceptance and internal and external permission to be liberated from within. When women are in pain those shields are a mother…”

“Men, on the other hand,  have a need to know who they are and what they stand for along with a knowledge base about a woman’s needs and desires. Even the hidden ones. Here, knowledge and the confidence to apply this knowledge create the corner stones of a man’s power. He can feel it rising from his cock and balls.”


YOU ARE INVITED to a  to a one-on-one conversation in which you can explore what moves youDeeply. Right there. You can find your voice and speak of your desires, your quirks, your dreams and hopes. You can speak of your fears and watch how they transform. I’d be more than delighted.

Come as you are.
Wherever you are in the world.

And then….
you will discover the deliciousness, the aliveness you seek.
All over. And again. 

Do you want this?
Feel free to send me a message.

And let me in on your biggest challenge.
I’d be delighted to hear from you.

With as much love as I can give without knowing you yet,



My Skype ID is Joice Joker

Email Me: joicejoker@gmail.com

or inbox me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Joice.Joker



Share your insights.....it's delicious *slippery smirk*

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