As we all have our dreams of fulfillment, of truthfulness, rawness, ecstasy, we also have what I call ‘The Thesis Of Reality’. In this reality we dare to follow our dreams by allowing influences to overwhelm us. By accepting that only through physical action, that specific thesis turns to reality.

What will always accompany us is our fear. That’s great. Because without fear we wouldn’t even know what it means to be courageous. Or as I love to put it ‘Fear is the Stimulus for Courage’.

So what is an illusion?
An illusion consists of a dream that is a construct of our mind and never will be lived. It exists out of the mere necessity to comfort our minds into a state of resignation. We can grab that dream and it feels real in that moment, doesn’t it?
But what happens when we don’t follow that dream, that one thing, our souls cry out for in the face of daily torment? Through our ignorance to make it possible?
What happens if we don’t follow what calls us, what defines who we are as women? Who you are, as a woman?

And what’s reality then?
Reality is what you have in your head and actually live to fulfill it. Every day. 24/7. Even in your sleep. You live for it, breathe for it, sweat for it and orgasm through it.
Your reality is your purpose, your reason to live.
So what is it that you live for?
How would you like to be remembered?
How would you like to be?
Which developments do you want in your life?
And what are you doing for it today?

Every day we ask ourselves under layers and layers of busy-ness and personality:
‘How can I reach my bliss, the high I so crave?’
‘What fills me up, what fulfills me?’

And every day we are scared to go beyond our limits, to take that leap of faith into the dark where there is nothing, absolutely nothing to hold on to. Only your reality. And your belief that you will make it through that dark space until the light emerges again. And it always does, doesn’t it?
How did you make it through the hardships of your life?
When you look back, was it ever as bad as you imagined it to be?

The human psyche is a monster. It tells us all of these fucked up stories and how badly we will get hurt. But when we go for what we want, even that monster will run. Run for the hills. How would it feel to live with lesser doubts, lesser concerns and worries about how something might turn out? Do we know? In advance?

Yeah, we know. And we know because we are listening to either one of the parts within us. The light or the shadow. And depending upon which one we are listening to, that will be our outcome.

So the next time you read a juicy article, an intriguing poem and have the time of your mind, going upside down from hormone overdose, which side will you listen to? To your womb, which screams for more pleasure, more love, more of everything, for something like this to happen to you? Or will you go to your head, the liar, that tells you it can’t be possibly done and has you scared out of your senses over getting your expectations disappointed?

Which one will liberate you?
Which one will make you happy?
And which voice is your reality?

Choose wisely, my love.

And now live it.
I am with you.

~ Joice Joker

Joice and her partner David Esotica work with women to create the ecstatic intimacy in a relationship they crave. They believe in laughing, crying, passion and orgasms. So you can imagine what happens when they talk about sex.

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