One thing is clear, this isn’t the regular, standardized way of pursuing an intimate relationship. And these are only a few components of what it takes to have a fiery, a burning inside of you for each other. But first I invite you to feel, to drop into that space and feel the grip, the tenderness, the intensity of it all. EnJoy!

1. Gentleness. You crave it, want it. Allowing the sweetness, the ethereal seduction to penetrate your mind, your spirit. Let it hold you and caress you. Through words of enchantment. Through a faint touch of your soul. Those words, so much more. A gateway to freedom. A gateway to feel alive. And to cum.

2. Melting. He touches you with care, confident, unyielding. In his might he does not waver nor back away. What a delight to fall into those strong arms. What a miracle to have the strength to give in, to let it happen.

3. Surprisingly captured. His firm grip. Your flailing hips and hair and ohhh…. penetration. The backward pull. The suddenness. Loosing ground. But wait, he holds you. Safe. An earth shaking shutter. The touch inside. Deliciously violent. Your surrender to the inevitable. And your reward.

4. Slowly. Solid. A slight pain from his touch. Wrists pressed into the surface beneath. Mighty thrusts. Ever so slowly. His eyes holding you in place. More than anything else. A breath. A moan. Thighs swing wide open. So shameless. So free. Just you in a moment of ticklish thundering silence interrupted by sharp breaths.

5. Torturing. The sharp fierceness of biting nails down your ribs. Burning streaks of lust. His merciless grips around your waist. Your futile attempts to escape. No such thing. Somebody help.

6. Raw. Bare. This calling from deep within underneath of layers and layers of personality. Instinctive. Irrational. Just there. Waiting to be unleashed. To burn everything that touches it. The flame of being. Just that.

7. With a Heart. A thoroughness soaring through mind, soul and body. The warmth seeping into your heart, between your thighs. All of it in one moment of connecting, locking eyes, feeling. Uncovered emotion under a rim of thick lashes. Ecstasy. What else…

So what is it that you can do to receive this treatment? How will he even recognize that it’s you he wants to ravish? More than 7+1 Ways to Get Claimed shows you the way…

+1. Welcome. Oh, the intensity of his persona. Nothing can stop him from ravishing you. Nothing. You welcome him and there will be nothing he will want more than you. Nothing.

+2. Flow. This easiness gliding through your body and your mind like water flows. A rush. A willingness to move with what is given to you. His lips on yours. Acceptance. Love. Fever. There’s nothing else like it.

+3. Expression. Hips scorch, they twist and twine. Your lust in your bodies movement. A confession to his senses, empowerment in the sweetest language. Show yourself. Openly. As a woman who knows what she speaks of. And he will love you for it.

+4. Honesty. Your unfeigned honesty. The truth you hold with every breath you take, with every drop of sweat, every tear, every laughter, every cry and every anger. During orgasm or after. That truth, your truth, the most precious gem to give. To yourself. To him, who conquered the wild, untamed feminine.

+5. Openness. Just a little for now. Enough to plant his voice into your ear, enough to have you think of him day and night. The slightly opened gate to your soul. A whisper. A touch. Slightly. Yet powerful. And your mind goes crazy over the promise he makes, over the ecstasy at hand if you would only open. A little more. And a little more. And he will pursue that what is still hidden behind the gate, the wall, the fortress. To find the treasure in you. Your essence. Bare and uncovered.

+6. Grace. Your air. An elegance he can’t resist, nor withstand nor deny.

+7. Tenderness. A light touch, compassionate yet sensual. His drive to dissolve into you, to step into a woman who can make him feel like that. Wanted, loved, appreciated and worshiped.

+8. Mystery. Cultivate your secret. Oh, the air around you, the scent of an unknown world behind your eyes. Which man can deny the gravity of the unknown, the unique, the magnificence. Cultivate it and he will look for more. There’s always so much more…

+9. Ease. It is in your relaxation, in the patience of yourself. Such simplicity. A draft towards what appears to be comfortable with penetration, fearless, accepting, assertive. So sensual. So intriguing. So you.

+10 Personality. All in your being, your flow, your energy. In the way you see the world, the things you experience, perceive, accept. Passion. Fire. The juice of life. Your life.

+11. Purpose. A vision, a mind, your soul, your life. A reason to live. Something to live through. What is it? How far will you go to get it?

+12. Voice. So sweet. So truthfully exposing your truth. In a way that he acknowledges. loves, understands. He now holds his understanding for you.

+13. Courage to Be Seen. From the inside. Shields and resistance, such a great way to weed out the ones who do not fit. Yet vulnerability to the one’s who are your match. Layer by layer, brick by brick the wall crumbles and soon you will find yourself knowing yourself. You begin to see who you are and others begin to worship you for it.

+14. Unconditional. Love. None expecting. A gesture of passion, compassion, of healing and caring. You expect nothing in return. Absolutely nothing. Emanating love in it’s purest form. How good it feels in your presence.

+13. Sex. The spine, one wondrous thing. It says everything. How much you love it when he penetrates you, when he caresses you, spoons you. When he kisses you. Your hips sway, your lips pouch, grow blood red. Ready to be kissed. Ah, the surrender, the shamelessness of your sex. Like a cat rubbing against him. Ecstatic. Orgasmic. Meow.

This is your surrender.

An unbearable intensity of it all. The love. The sex. The suspense and thrill and pain and so much more. The body cannot hold it all. A manifestation of an extreme to be expressed, wet, running down your thighs, running down your face. Running…

What a relief. What a catharsis through orgasm. Over and over and over again. There’s no way around feeling alive, no way around finding that orgasm, that shatters everything else into a myriad of pleasurable experiences. Nothing else matters. The hurricane unleashed is the expression of the suffering inside. Then, liberation through your tears. It feels so good to finally say what this tormenting craving is.

To find your voice, to express the longing to be taken in mind, heart, in your body and your soul. To love fiercely, with everything you have. To give fully even when it’s scary. And to be ravished so deeply that the burdens of the past begin to cease. If you allow them to be washed away by your tears, taken out of your body and onto the open. Refreshingly exhausting. And then another orgasmic wave flushing every cell of your body, gliding through your soul, leaving you with sensual emptiness, with fulfilling nothingness. The pain? It doesn’t hold it’s full force any longer.

He holds you in your woes. Just say it. Say that you want him here. To hold you, for you to feel safe, to be the natural disaster you are. With your womanly wiles, your erratic outbreaks, your unpredictability. He conquered you so you will open up to him. That is his true bliss. To see you blossom under his hands, his gaze. To feel the texture of your glowing skin in the pale moonlight. To hear the sweetness in your voice like nectar from a forbidden fruit. To smell the captivating scent of your body, your flower. His bliss – your freedom.

In bliss you find your tranquility, your peace, your ecstasy. How much joy, relief and peace to be found in a moment of burning intensity, of dancing surrender. How much healing and permission to just be.

~ Joice Joker __________________________________________________________________

Joice and her partner David Esotica work with women to create the ecstatic intimacy in a relationship they crave. They believe in laughing, crying, passion and orgasms. So you can imagine what happens when they talk about sex.

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