Let’s dive into the mystery of a man’s mind and what turns him on. How you can win his affection and have him pursue you.

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The Look. It is all in your eyes. Just one look decides if you will ever speak. Shine! Bring your essence into the world so that he can sense you a mile away. And then, when your eyes meet, nothing needs to be said. He sees a part of him in you. And you recognize a part of yourself in the mirror of his eyes.

The second look. Your gaze goes down, directed inwards. Do you want to look again? You can’t resist. The coyness in your behavior, your invitation, so sweet to him. The faint smile around the corner of your mouth says it all. The game is on.

Words. Uh, oh. Is that an onslaught of nerdiness? So brilliant! He’s in love. Speak. About the things you enjoy. About your passions. Your voice will tremble and shake. He will hear your excitement. And feel the vibration inside of you.

Challenge him.
Him laying things out for you, what  delight to see his passion. To challenge you back, to dance the dance of mind and sensuality stimulating conversation. The chase, just for a little while. You never withdraw. Only superficially. But underneath, ohh…..underneath the fire burns for his passion, doesn’t it?

Love him. Unconditionally.
Never a withdrawal of your love, not even during a fight. Feel disappointment, regret, resentment towards a situation, something he did. It’s fine. And yet you never make it personal by directing it towards him as a person. Because it’s not personal.

Compassion. Nothing beats the kindness of an empathy forged by a feminine soul. The understanding, the acceptance. Waning resistance. Mmmmm……Beautiful.

Respect. Oh yes, ma’am. Nothing like it. The tone, appealing. The attitude, a mix between admiration, love and curiosity. Who is this man? Do you want to know everything about him? No? Then it’s about time!
You might find yourself in a humble place of a learning experience, when you approach his interests as a student. Try it. It’s fun to try.

Dive into his interests.
The way your mind flows in it’s element, his reign even. A different approach to his, uniquely yours. How delightful, how deep, how educating. He just loves it when a you can let the nerdy, the naughty in you take over in at least one passion of his. Preferably his priority one. Let your juices run all over it and watch how your scent sends him into oblivion.

Support his life’s purpose.
Every man has it. A purpose he feels drawn towards, something he must do before he dies. Support him in it. Challenge him to become even better at it. To become THE master in it. So he can go out there with you by his side and say ‘This woman is my greatest inspiration’. And so you can admire him deeply as a man with a thick stream of purpose running through his entire existence.

Open up.
Show him everything. When you open up to him he will have no other choice but to fall for you. An open gate is inviting, a closed one only has a man hoping for more, yet knowing this fortress can never be claimed. While the chase in the beginning is the fine art of seduction, further stages of intrigue are created by showing more by showing a little bit more at a time. Sometimes a bit more and sometimes a lot more. Play with how much you reveal. Play with the intensity, the energy.

Be true to yourself.
The lies we live are the lies we attract. Living live’s of conformity kills our uniqueness, our individuality, our libido and the carnal fire within us. Slowly it overrides our drive to live and breathe and sing and dance. How much longer will we accept this lie to take up this huge space in our minds? It needs to pay rent or get the fuck out!
And now, with all of this new space inside of you…what will you fill it up with?

Let him be the one.
To do things for you, to rescue you. From the agony of logic and reason. So that you can be carefree. Singing, dancing, breathing, being. How pure. So protected. All because you let him. Isn’t it magical?

~ Joice Joker


Joice and her partner David Esotica work with women to create the ecstatic intimacy in a relationship they crave. They believe in laughing, crying, passion and orgasms. So you can imagine what happens when they talk about sex.

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