Unseen bonds hold sway
Nearly like a tamer’s whip
The snake charmer’s flute
A magician’s wand

Hypnotised by gentleness
The soft touches, the silence
Fascinated by it’s effect
In mind I draw closer, in spirit
The sound of the flute…..well

Oh, the trap
Yet delight flushes the system
While wondering about the ropes
Which should have been sensed…
Or perhaps they were
Carelessness sweeps away any thought of worry

„I saw the freedom in your eyes
And knew at once you were mine“

Upon remembering your words
Captivity, lusciously helpless
Curious a thing
I give love to whom I may
But you stole it somehow
This ability to choose freely
My heart…
My sex…
My freedom…
Captivity is now my drug
A faithful companion through days and nights
When the tickle of surrender takes over ever so relentlessly, fierce

Fascination of the unknown led me here
An unknown taste, a different sound
The sky opens and I’ll fly
But for now I will stay a while
And prowl this new world

And then
The drive to run daggers through your chest
Into your heart, piercing your very soul
While you hold this shield, my shield
I never asked you to
I never needed you to
But you did, regardless

Realising this, my weapons clashingly hit the ground
I find myself powerless to hurt you

This obsession over blood and flesh…
It’s unbearable
Lust to violate strikes the very core
My heart too weak to resist this primal calling
Instinctively claws grow longer, sharper
A thumbing sound they make
As they cut deep into your flesh
Your chest exposed I cannot help it
I cannot help it I tried
I did
I really did


In woes of anguishing torment I leave you
Right there, at the scene of crime
The night was terrible
I thought you were dead
And I was dying
Yet I couldn’t resist coming back the next morning
Like a murderer always returns to the place of doom

When I saw you unharmed, my heart blossomed
You survived my attack, it shouted in my skull

I was fierce
Yet you broke through my resolve
That, which was protected by bloody claws
Stained red from thrashing
And all you did was let me feel
A thousand times and more

Hell disrupted my soul
Anguish left me in woes of fear and sorrow
Over the murder committed
My conviction is my conscious
The knowledge to have hurt the one I love
Guilt, unforgivable guilt
There’s only one thing left to do
To engage
In the dance of complimentary contradictions
Where you will be slayn
I will attempt the kill once more
Perhaps many times more
Before I learn that phantoms are immortal

One day, perhaps you might be the one
The one who delightfully tortures
Beyond boundaries of the mind
Beyond all that is known to me so far
We shall see…

~ Joice Joker


Joice and her partner David Esotica work with women to create the ecstatic intimacy in a relationship they crave. They believe in laughing, crying, passion and orgasms. So you can imagine what happens when they talk about sex.

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